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Welcome to my detail section

I have put together 3 pages here of info I have collected over several years, mainly from my waxing and cleaning experience since about 1975.
Yeah, I'm beginning to feel like an old fart 
I have used a lot of different waxes and cleaners over the years, but what I have on my pages here is now what I consider to be the best stuff out there.

I currently am using Griot's Garage "Best Of Show" wax, and quite frankly, I have never seen a wax as brilliant as this.
My white paint is blinding to look at.
Use whatever you want to use, my suggestions here are only my opinion. I get very excellent results from all of the products I have listed on my pages here, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.

Yeah, I'm a clean freak. I like the inside and outside to be clean. Makes me feel good when it's all cleaned up.
But, I get just as big a grin on my face when it gets muddy and dirty from wheelin' in the bahoonies.

"News flash"
I entered my 4Runner in the Boeing car show at work held August 17th, 2001.
There were about 200 cars entered, and I was in the stock truck category.
Out of 14 trucks, I placed 1st.
I am in pictures # 45, and 47.
I was told later on one of the key factors in placing 1st was the incredible wet look & bright shine my paint exhibited. I owe this win to Griot's Best Of Show wax I'm sure.
Click here to see my arsenal of what I use to achieve that stop & stare look.

Waxing with the Porter Cable buffer Tire section Interior section


In no way am I paid to endorse any of the products I have listed on my pages here.
The products I suggest are what I "feel" are the best out on the market today.
If you don't like the products I suggest, then don't use them.