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Who we are, what we are, and why we are 
1. This website will be for info about our club which will primarily run trails in Western Washington.
2. There is no fee to join, and it doesn't matter if your rig is bone stock, or built up.
3. Within this website will be news of upcoming events, pictures to past ones, a chat page, and a section for readers to submit your pictures and a brief description of your ride.
4. I hope to get some window stickers made up before too long to offer to members as well.

Who are we? A few local Washington state residents who enjoy our Toyota's very much, and appreciate the great outdoors.

What are we? A group of individuals looking for nice places to off road our Toyota's in a respectful manner.

Why are we? Just because! We enjoy taking our rigs off the road as much as we do driving on the road.

Within our vast state are many forest service roads and trails in which to take your 4X4 and have a great time.

One such area I frequent quite often is the Green Water area. As much as I have been going up there for the past 11 years with a 4X4, I have not seen it all.

There are trails that interconnect you from one side of the state to the other. The area offers everything from gentle logging roads, to hardcore off camber single track type trails.
Mud pits, streams, it's all up there if you know where to look.

Our primary purpose of starting this club is to introduce others to the sport & hobby of off roading. A lot of the area can even be accessed by 2WD vehicles, but a lot of the area you will need 4WD.

As mentioned earlier, there is no fee to join this club.
I do have a source for making T shirts if anyone is interested. Maybe someone can come up with a good design with our logo, and some text for a shirt. We could then pitch in some bucks, and I can have the shop run off several shirts.

I also would like to get some window stickers made up with the club logo on it.

We abide by a few simple rules:
1. Respect the land we are operating our vehicles on.
2. Know our surroundings and operate our vehicles in a safe manner.
3. Don't put others in danger.
4. And above all, have a good time.

This page was last  March 21st, 2002

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