Trail Runs With YotaTech

Obviously some of these runs were done before the start of YotaTech, but I thought I'd put them in here anyway so you can get an idea of a few places we have gone too.
For some really old runs, look here before this page was made. #'s 1 & 2 are not included on this page here.
Newest runs are last near the bottom.
Also see below, there is no PNW Club anymore.
All event planning is now done on YotaTech in the Trail/Trip Report section.

1  Green Water 22nd of April 2000 a few of  us from the old VMag 4Runner forum got together

2 June Jam of 2000

3 Fall Run of 2000

4 April 7, 2001 a few of us from Outdoor Wire's Toyota SUV forum went out for an escape from the city

5 May 19th, 2001 a few of us again from Outdoor Wire's forum went up to Green Water to scout out some camping spots for June Jam 2001

6 Northwest WA. June Jam held June 22nd & 23rd up at Green Water Forest Road 70

7 Well, this one was a solo trip by me, kind of a spur of the moment thing. Green Water, Forest Road 70. Hey, I like it up there 

8 Snow Run up at Green Water forest road 70 January 19th, 2002. This was fun, and quite a few stucks, but we were well prepared. We had shovels, and snatch straps, and those two items saved the day

9 Snow Run II also held up at Green Water forest road 70 April 6th, 2002. What can I say? Forest road 70 has so much to offer, and no one could cover all the terrain up there, even if they wheeled it all summer

There are so many trails up there and old abandoned logging roads, it's got something for everyone up there.
Free camping, river side spots, wildlife, and good views of Mt. Rainier at certain spots.

We had a good time, and I was able to use my winch and new Ramsey Wireless Remote, and it actually saved the day towards the end of our trip.

10 Forest Road 70 a bunch of got together on July 6th, 2002. We got up pretty high in elevation on this run, and a few of us ended up with sunburns

11 Forest Roads 72 & 70. We did the scenic 15 mile run from the opening of road 72 to where it intersects with road 70.
Great views of Mt. Rainier are rewarded on this run.

12 Forest Roads 72 & 70. We went on a very early run. We met at Safeway at 5 am, and were up on the trails by 6 am.

13 Fall Colors Run 2002 up at FS road 72. We ran into snow up there, and had a great time. A few Nissan Pathfinders also joined us. It was a great day indeed.

14 Forest Road 70 at Greenwater April 12th 2003. Lots of snow in places above 3,300'.

15 Fall Colors Run 2003 up at FS road 72.

16 Fall Colors Run 2004 up at FS road 72.

17 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Event @ Reiter Pit, sponsored by WATTORA July 15th, 2006.

18 Fall Colors Run at Greenwater FS roads 72 and 70 October 14th 2006.

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