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Fall Colors Run, Greenwater FS road 72

November 9th, 2002
With winter fast approaching us here in the Pacific Northwest, we wanted to do some exploring of the area before the big snows hit once again for the winter.

Here are the people who went.
Bill & Toni - '85 Toyota truck (Wrongway)
Corey - '91 4Runner (hey, that be me)
Dale & Amy - SAS'd & rear leafed '94 4Runner (upndair)
Lawrence & Richele - '93 Pathfinder
Jim & Judy - '94 Pathfinder
Jim & Trudie - '89 Toyota truck (Mytruck)
Jon - '97 4Runner (TooEZgoin)
Mike - '97 4Runner (Smr4runner)
Rob - '01 Tacoma (WATRD)
Scott & Janice - '91 Toyota truck (Scott.475)
Todd & Tristan - '88 4Runner (Toddski)

Trip summery at end of page II

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 These pictures & videos are from my Sony S70 CyberShot digicam.











Here is a nice shot from Mike of Jim catching air in the Pathfinder.
Mike calls it Air Nissan.

Here are some maps that Rob made of the trip with his GPS.
The first one is the whole group, and the second one was him exploring further after most of us left.


Below are some altitude profiles of the run.
The first is the whole group, the second is Rob exploring again.

Please click here for the videos from me, and a few more from Mike & Rob.
Also there are links to additional pictures as they come in.
Note, due to my package I have now with my host, I may, or may not have my vids up.
Some of my vids are also hosted on Jim's site which you will find the link on the next page.
If the traffic dies down on this trips report later, I can put my vids back up again.