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Welcome to the the Pacific Northwest 4Runner Clubs Snow Run II up at Green Water, WA.

This event was held on April 6th up at Forest Road # 70 at Green Water, WA.

Here are the people who made it to the event.
Several of us are from Outdoor Wires Toyota SUV forum.
Corey, '91 4Runner
Jim (mytruck) & his wife Trudie, '89 Toyota truck
Matt (Boo204), '90 4Runner
Todd & Tristan. '88 4Runner
Vince N, '87 4Runner

I have two picture formats here, so bare with me as the page loads. The small pictures will turn into a pop up window containing a 640x480 photo. If you'd like to see the same picture in a 1024x768 format, you will find the links below.

The videos are best viewed if you right click the link and save it to your desktop. If you merely click on the link, it will play, but it can be choppy, and some parts may not play at all.

Please bare in mind there is about 47.5 MB of pics & vids here on this page alone. I did not compress the 1024x768 pics this time. They turn out better if not compressed. The average size of each video is around 1.30 MB.

 This first batch of pics & vids is from me
These are some group shots.



Group shots, Green river, Todd & his son.



Matt got himself stuck really good here. He was trying to make a wide swing to turn around so he could go down to an entrance to the river for some river shots.
He was in real good, and I am not sure if we could have got him out with a snatch strap.

His front end was buried pretty good.
This time the winch came in real handy and saved the day. We hooked it up to the back of his hitch with a shackle.
I had to get in the cab and hold on my brakes as it was pulling my rig towards him.
The whole time I was using my new Ramsey Wireless Remote.
That thing is very convenient, and after using one, I could not go back to the standard remote that comes with the winch.


This next set of pics is down by the river just goofing around in it.


Links to full resolution pics

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Videos I took
Todd going gung-ho up a hill
Matt going up the same hill in 4low
Matt going up in 4high which works better
Matt on the hill again
One of me
Another one of me
Jim on the hill
Jim again
Testing out the winch on Jim's rig. He was not stuck, just a test
Me going down that steep hill Todd & Matt went up
Some red Jeep that came up our way
Road trippin'
The next 4 here are of me winching out Matt from that deep stuck
Two of Matt in the water
Matt water

Please click here for more pics & vids from Vince, and a few pics from Todd
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