WATTORA/FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Event Held

July 15th 2006, Reiter Trails

Rob (WATRD) president of the Washington state chapter of TTORA contacted the Toyota Trail Team guys taking the new FJ Cruisers around the country to come and play in the Pacific Northwest at Reiter Pit, off of HW 2 North of Seattle.

Several online Toyota forums turned out for the event.
FJ Cruiser Forums

It was nice seeing such a huge turnout, and faces that I had not seen in a long time.
Also ARB and Revtek showed up with a few of their FJ Cruisers, and ARB also had their 4th gen 4Runner there.
And David Zartman owner of 4WD Toyota Owner magazine showed up with his FJ 80.

 These pictures were taken by me with a Sony S70 CyberShot digicam.
The thumbnails will turn into a 1024x768 picture.
This first picture below was taken by Rob, a panoramic view of the staging area.
Clicking on it will take you to a larger picture.


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This just in.
The Toyota Trail Team guy's take your photo of you by one of their FJ Cruisers, then you can retrieve it the next day from Toyotas website.
Way cool!

This just in, more pictures from YotaTech member WillsFJC.
The thumbnails will turn into a 800x533 picture.


This just in, more pictures from member FJ Sportfisher.
The thumbnails will turn into a 1024x768 picture.

Additional pictures and trip reports can be found in some threads I started on some forums.
Forums sure take up a lot of your spare time, but if it were not for forums, the word would not get out on these type of runs.
Did I mention I spend to much time on forums

FJ Cruiser Forums

Summery of trip
What a turn out!
Props go to Rob for getting this thing going, and keeping it well organized.
There were so many rigs there that the runs had to be broken up into groups, and this worked out fine.

There were some easy runs, and there were some very hard runs.
Will (WillsFJC from YotaTech) picked me up for the event, and I rode with him on several runs.
On our fist run we were directly behind the blue Trail Team FJ that took damage that you can see above.
He was following Rob, and he sunk down to the hitch in mud, then snaked to the right around a tree, and we heard the carnage as the tree was having its fun with the passenger side of the FJ Cruiser.

Will took his rig on a few more places I never would, and the brass balls award goes to him for the event.
We followed Rob and Jim (with the truck converted over to a 1st gen 4Runner) and there were plenty of rock gardens and logs to traverse.

His rig made it fine, and he only had to use the E Locker once to navigate around a log.
All the other time only the A Trac was engaged.
With Rob and Jim's careful guidance, he made it through unscathed.

I was very impressed all the rigs there, but even more so with stock FJ Cruisers tackling the trails and making it through.
It was a great time, a little carnage here and there.
This was my first time to Reiter Pit, and I was very impressed with the trial systems up there.
There is a little something up there for everyone.
Light trails to keep your rig form getting any damage, to hard core rock gardens, logs, streams, you name it.
Reiter Pit has it all.

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