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A few pics up at Green Water, WA.

This event was held on July 6th up at Forest Road # 70, and spur road 7030 at Green Water, WA.

Here are the people who made it to the event.
Several of us are from YotaTech's Toyota forums.
AlanH, 2000 4Runner
Corey, '91 4Runner
Jim (mytruck) & his wife Trudie, '89 Extracab truck
Mark and his son Brian, and their lab Chief, '87 4Runner
Shane, '86 Extracab truck
Todd & sons Tristan & Cameron, '88 4Runner

I have two picture formats here, so bare with me as the page loads. The small pictures will turn into a pop up window containing a 640x480 photo. If you'd like to see the same picture in a 1024x768 format, you will find the links below.

The videos are best viewed if you right click the link and save it to your desktop. If you merely click on the link, it will play, but it can be choppy, and some parts may not play at all.

 This first batch of pics & vids is from me








Links to 1024x768 resolution pics

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Videos I took
The Chief
Corey on hill
Jim on same hill
Alan on same hill
Shane coming down Mohawk Mountain
Jim & his new 12 gauge shotgun
Brian trying out the gun
Corey trying out the gun
Shot of Mt. Rainier

Please click here for more pictures from Todd & Shane
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