Green Water Forest Road 70
July 7th, 2001
Went up to play in the dirt for awhile since I missed out on all the action at the Jam awhile back due to getting sick the first night.
Forest road 70 has to be one of my favorite places to go wheelin'. There's a wide variety of terrain up there.
The weather was great today too, not a cloud in the sky.

The vids work best if you right click on the file and save it to your desktop instead of clicking the URL and letting it stream in. Videos were shot on the lowest setting of the digicam.
I managed to shoot more on my dash & instrument cluster than I did out the window though. Kind of hard to shoot & drive at the same time 
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If you are on a dialup, you might have time to go out & give your rig a bath first.

Pics are sized at 800x600

This is a shot of Mt. Rainier up by the Safeway parking lot where we meet most of the time when there are quite a few of us heading up to Green Water.

This is down about 1/4 of a mile from where the gang was camped at during the June Jam 2001.
Lots of nice little trails to explore back in there.
That river in the background I wanted to play in, but the access to it had some campers in it, and I did not want to cruise through their campsite.

Ma @ss is almost dragging in this shot. The angle of the pic doesn't do it justice either. I felt a lot angled more than that.

Carnage! Arghhhhhhh! Ripped off one of my mud flaps while backing up. I hit a rock and it hit the sidewall of the tire, and then ripped off the flap. I may be able to fix the flap, even though one of the holes ripped on it. If not, they are only $50 each at the dealer. It's only $$$.

The infamous rock everyone posed on for the June Jam awhile back.
Lots of loose shale up there. I had to actually put it in 4WD to make it up there.

This next shot is up on top of the rock looking down from off of the left side of my rig.
Quite aways down!

A few miles from where the next set of trails begins.

These are my favorite type of trails. Single track that winds through the trees and a few obstacles.
There are quite a few up there like this.

It was a lot of fun up there, even though I ripped off a flap.
Looking forward to going up again.