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A few pics up at Green Water, WA.

August 3rd, 2002
This was a spur of the moment I had early Friday evening for Saturday morning.
We headed up to FS Road 73 to Suntop Lookout, but it was gated one mile from the top.
We ended up running the 15 mile loop for FS Road 72 which offers many scenic views of Mt. Rainier.

Here are the people who went.
Corey, '91 4Runner
Jim (mytruck) & his wife Trudie, '89 Extracab truck

I have two picture formats here, so bare with me as the page loads. The small pictures will turn into a pop up window containing a 640x480 photo. If you'd like to see the same picture in a 1024x768 format, you will find the links below.

The videos are best viewed if you right click the link and save it to your desktop. If you merely click on the link, it will play, but it can be choppy, and some parts may not play at all.

 These pictures & videos are from my Sony S70 CyberShot digicam.
Gong down one hill I felt like my rig was rocking. Sure enough, my right rear wheel was all the way off the ground.
Felt pretty cool 






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Videos I took
Mt. Rainier out my rigs window
Me coming down a hill, left rear tire off ground is making the rig rock back & forth
Me coming down the hill again
Me trying to go up hill. This is a locker type hill, loose sand
Me on same hill, tires bouncing from lack of traction
Lost traction on the hill behind the other front hill
Me coming down hill, right rear tire comes all the way off the ground
Jim trying out the hill, loose sand, no traction
Jim on the same hill again. Yeah, we know, we need lockers

Summery of trip
Had a great time in the mountains and the weather was fantastic. Not to hot, not to cool. It was probably around 68 up there before we headed back home before noon.

Lots of bugs out, but I was prepared this time, unlike the last trip in July. I loaded on the REI Jungle Juice which is almost 100% DEET, and the stuff works great. Not one little bugger landed on me.
No sunburn today either like the last trip. My trusty REI Sahara hat did a great job protectin' my head.

The route we took starts in at Forest Road 70 off of Highway 410 and heads West. The route  we were on was about 15 miles long back to where it intersects with FS Road 70.
If going on the highway the distance is a lot less, but surely not as much fun or scenic as this.
We hd many vantage points to Mt. Rainier to view it in all it's splendor.
No matter how many times I see it, you can't get enough of it. And I see it about daily as you can see it from my town.
But close-up views from up where we were is no comparison.

We also messed around a little on some loose sand/dirt hills. Trying to go up the hills was a challenge as both of our ties would dig in and sink down.
Had we aired down to 15 to 20 lb, I'm sure we would have made it up. Perhaps not, maybe a locker would have been needed.
Going down or up one wheel comes off the ground, so I'm sure a locker there would have taken care of that.

We also met a guy up there with a friend in an '85 Toyota truck. All stock except for a gear change. Of course it had the solid axle on it.
Nice little rig for fixing up for some of the trails up there one may encounter.

Overall it was a great day to get out and do some wheelin' in the mountains of WA state.

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