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A few pics up at Green Water, WA.

September 14th, 2002
We have been wanting to do an early run for awhile to take advantage of the nice weather and to get some nice sunrise pictures.
When the sun comes up on Mt. Rainier at sunrise, it looks awesome.

You will see Mt. Rainier here in quite a few pictures. It's a milestone in the state of Washington as it can be seen from both sides of the state.

Here are the people who went.
Alan (alanh) 2002 4Runner
Bill (wrongway) '85 truck
Corey, '91 4Runner
Jim (mytruck) & his wife Trudie, '89 Extracab truck

I have two picture formats here, so bare with me as the page loads. The small pictures will turn into a pop up window containing a 640x480 photo. If you'd like to see the same picture in a 1024x768 format, you will find the links below.

The videos are best viewed if you right click the link and save it to your desktop. If you merely click on the link, it will play, but it can be choppy, and some parts may not play at all.

 This was a real early run. We met at the Safeway in Enumclaw around 5 am, and we were up at Greenwater wheelin' before 6 am. Kind of nice going early in the morning.
We parked in a good vantage spot to wait for the sun to come up on the mountain.

Later in the day Bill let Jim & I take turns at his '85 solid axle truck.
We went up this hill that we have been on before.
Going up in Bill's rig was a piece of cake.
A little bouncy, but the hill is littered with ruts.







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Videos I took
Driving up old roads
Old roads behind Alan
Old roads behind Alan
Old roads behind Jim & Trudie
Bill playing on hill
Bill on hill
Bill on hill
Jim trying out Bill's '85 truck
Jim coming down the hill
Corey trying out Bill's '85 truck
Corey coming down the hill
Bill on hill
Bill on hill

Summery of trip
This was a very great trip. A little early to get up, especially if you have not been to bed yet.
Yup, I went to bed around 9:30 PM to get up around 3 am.
I never fell asleep. I was awake the whole time.

The reason for going so early was to capture the sun coming up across Mt. Rainier's face.
We also saw a doe and her fawn driving up one the the roads.
Going early has it's advantages too. It's less crowded, and not as warm out.

We were all done by 10 am and ready to head home after several hours of exploring.
Found a really cool lake, which I am not going to give out the location too, unless we go again.
We don't want the area getting to popular as it's tucked away and very hard to find.

Bill let Jim & I drive his solid axle truck. That was a lick in the butt.
His truck is setup pretty much for rock crawling.
That is the first time I have used a stick in awhile, but it all came back to me.
It was fun charging up the hill as it's packed with ruts, and would be pretty hard on an IFS truck if you charged the hill like that.

I'd like to get something like Bill's rig one day, and wheel it up there on some of the harder trails I'd rather not take my 4Runner on.

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