Welcome to the the Pacific Northwest 4Runner Clubs June Jam 2001 up at Green Water, WA.

This event was held on June 21st through the 23rd up at Forest Road # 70 at Green Water, WA.

Here are the people who made it to the event:
Arnold (Buster on the forum), '86 Toyota truck
Ashu Rangole (Ts1 on the forum), 2000 4Runner
Corey, '91 4Runner, I was there for a day  (I came down with a bad sunburn, and flu)
Dave & Jesse Andress, '85 Toyota truck
Dave Mcgachie (Mack on the forum), '89 4Runner (Mack came all the way down from Canada)
David Vestsal & family, 2000 4Runner (David & crew came up from Oregon)
Ken Ma, '99 4Runner
Shane Krause, '86 Toyota truck
Vince Nelson, '87 4Runner

I have two picture formats here, so bare with me as the page loads. The small pictures will turn into a pop up window containing a 640x480 photo. If you'd like to see the same picture in a 1024x768 format, simply click the "Big picture" hyperlink.

The videos are best viewed if you right click the link and save it to your desktop. If you merely click on the link, it will play, but it can be choppy, and some parts may not play at all.
One video so far, and it's at the bottom of this page

Here is the entrance to the campsite we took. Had a banner made up awhile back so people would know where to turn off at.
Big picture

Picture of my rig down in the campsite.
Big picture

My "hotel" for the trip. Unfortunately, I became ill, and my son and I had to pack up Friday morning and head for home.
This tent is huge, we had a queen size air bed in it, and I know it would fit at least two more of them with ease.
Big picture

My rig.
Big picture

Shane and Arnold's '86's. Both of these rigs have an ARB bumper up front, and a Stout rear bumper. Shane has the tire rack option on his Stout bumper. Both rigs also sport All Pro nerfs, and after finally seeing the All Pro's in person, I am going to get some. Real nice stuff.
Big picture

Another shot of Arnold's rig.
Big picture

This next set of pictures is from Vince. Sized @ 640x480 format.

Arnold heading up the Little Naches. Everyone who has seen the pics of this hill thinks that it is not steep. Once you see the hill in person, you realize that the camera can't capture the angle correctly. It is very steep.

Another shot of Arnold on Little Naches.

Arnold winching himself up the trail..

A shot of Shane on the same trail.

Another view of Arnold using his winch.

Shane overseeing Arnold's winching.

A few shots of Shane.

Vince picked up a wrench in his tire from a motorcycle tool kit.

Here is a MPEG that Vince has of Arnold getting winched.

Please click here for page 2 for more pictures.

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